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About Me

You'll find my children's rooms adorned in curious little orange foxes and wise grey elephants. Wisdom and curiosity give life color and pave new paths. Welcome to Fox + Grey.

I fell in love with photography in college, while taking my first graphic design course. Renting a "fancy" camera from the school's media department, I took pictures of nearly square inch of the campus before my short rental window came to an end. I knew I must get one of my own.

I started taking pictures of my friends, dogs, my friends' dogs, and their growing families. I loved when the light hit perfectly, when a photo became art, when it made me smile. I knew this was more than a hobby.

I spent the better part of a decade working in advertising (before moving to photography full time), because I viewed writing and design as a performance art. I loved the feeling I got when my work was out in the public eye, eliciting reactions. This also speaks to why I have a passion for photography; I love seeing my work in the world, those moments captured that bring people joy.

Outside of photography, I love coffee, piano music, traveling, and watching my two beautiful children's imaginations go to work (the saying is true: kids do the say the funniest things!).

I cannot wait to help frame your special moments!